Each time I do shoot I will only settle for the very best when it comes to professional business headshots. The reason I have so many repeat clients is because they know the quality they are going to get each and every time we do a shoot.


"Casual" Family Portraits - location (suitable for couples or small families)                     

  • Session Fee from $ 450

  • ~2 hour

  • 5 x 8x12” (20x30cm) prints

  • option 20x30 (50x75cm) Glass Print $350

  • option 40x60 (101x152cm) Canvas Print $690

Price includes 10+ high resolution, retouched images ready to download or print via our online gallery.

Premier family portrait photographer Kurt Nigg Perth

"THE BIG STORY" Family Portraits - location & studio (or large and extended families)    

  • Session Fee from $ 650

  • complimentary 8x12 (20x30cm) Print for everyone

  • 1 complimentary 8x12 (20x30cm) Glass Print

  • option 40x60 (101x152cm) Canvas Print $690

  • 2+ hours

Price includes 30+ high resolution, retouched images ready to download or print via our online gallery.


"XL" Family, Engagement or Anniversary Portraits - location (or XL families)    

  • Session Fee from $ 950

  • complimentary 8x12 (20x30cm) Print for everyone

  • complimentary 16x20 (40x50cm) Glass Print

  • option 20x30 (50x75cm) Glass Print $150

  • option 40x60 (101x152cm) Canvas Print $690

  • 2+ hours


Personal - in & outdoor Studio                            

  • Session Fee $ 500

  • 8x12 complimentary (20x30cm) Glass Print

  • option 20x30 (50x75cm) Glass Print $190

  • option 40x60 (101x152cm) Canvas Print $690

  • 2+ hours

  • hair & cosmetic stylist available on request ($250)

  • in & outdoor studio

  • Studio


Price includes 20 high resolution, retouched images ready to download or print via our online gallery.


nude and glamour photography in Perth

Personal & Glamour Portraits


  • Session Fee $ 750

  • 16x20 (50x75cm) Glass Print

  • 2-3 hours

  • hair & cosmetic stylist

  • Studio

  • Beverage


Price includes up to 50 high resolution, retouched images ready to download or print via our online gallery.


Please inquire for our daily and half-daily rates events@nigg.com.au

My Kitchen Rules 2019 Publicity Photographer

My Kitchen Rules 2019 Publicity Photographer

Creative business headshot specialist in Perth


1.  At our Studio...

(Located in City Beach, Perth)

  • Heatshot $200

  • group of 5+ call for price

  • Retouching Portraits in Photoshop (Wrinkles Removal, Skin Smoothening, Whitening Teeth) $30 per Image

2.  At your Office...

  • Simply add $250 travel & set-up fee to the Quick

  • Additional travel cost may apply depending on your location

How long will it take?

  • Quick 30 minute set up at your office

  • Photo sessions vary from 15 minutes per person until you are happy!

  • Image delivery within one business day

Whats Included?

  • 3 images in web and print resolution

  • Additional images for $50 each

  • Unlimited web usage rights included

  • Black & white transfer available upon request (free of charge)

Only want one or two portraits and don’t want to pay $400? You may prefer to visit our Dunsborough Studio where there are no setup fees for portraits. An appointment is required for this service.

For more information on pricing or how to get the ball rolling, call us on 0448448111, or email studio@nigg.com.au

WEDDING Packages

Kurt Nigg is creating the most beautiful and everlasting wedding portrait in Australia.

Select any of the following packages and you are guaranteed comprehensive coverage of your day, with many candid moments, directed group shots and spontaneous photos of friends and family


  • One and a half days of Photography and Individual Post Production,

  • Photo, Video & Drone Photography

  • DVD Wedding Story, Social Media Mobile App

  • Printed Thank-you Cards for all your Guests

  • TOP 100 prints

  • Deluxe Handmade-Leather 50page Wedding Story Book

  • 2 x 25page Parent Book

  • Photographer, Videographer & Assistant

  • Please enquire for details of custom packages



  • Free Engagement Photo Session

  • Up to 8 hours of Photography

  • Drone Photography

  • DVD Movie "Your Wedding Story"...

  • or Mobile Social Media App (value $400)

  • Exclusive 30page Photo-book (value $1600)

  • Optional Deluxe Post Production (value $900)

  • Thank You Cards (value $350)

  • Two Photographers


GOLD WEDDING PACKAGE             $ 2500

  • Up to 6 hours of Photography

  • Creative Post Production Package

  • Choice of DVD Movie "Your Wedding Story" or Mobile Social Media App

  • USB or Web Download

  • One Photographer and one Assistant


POPUP WEDDING or elopement   $ 700

  • ~2 hours of Photography

  • incl. Post Production

  • USB or Web Download

  • WEB and HiRes Print Files

  • One Photographer



  • Videographer $1500

  • Drone Photography $750

  • DVD Movie from $ 400

  • Mobile Social Media App $ 400

  • Creative Post Production Package $ 450

  • Deluxe Post Production $ 900

  • Thank You Cards from $ 350

  • Additional Photographer Time from $ 250

  • 20 page Photo-books from $ 1400

  • 30 page exclusive Photo-books from $ 1800

  • 50page Deluxe Handmade-Leather $ 2250 Lay-Flat

ADDITIONAL Wedding Products


  • Premium Albums

  • Mini Albums

  • Thank You Cards

  • DVD Movie

  • Proofs Booklet

  • Photographic Prints

  • Canvas Art Wall Hangings

  • Acrylic Art Blocks

  • Acrylic Wall Panels

  • Wedding Information


Kurt Nigg Photography ensures the vivid memories of your event remain intact, by capturing both candid and posed moments from your special day. From the tiniest details to momentous occurrences, Kurt is there to ensure that your memories last forever


  • About Second Photographers or Assistants

Kurt Nigg prefers to work with an assistant or with another qualified and skilled photographer for all of his photographic assignments. 

The assistant or second photographers are responsible for assisting the Principal Photographer. This ensures that the shoot runs smoothly and on time. They also help with special lighting effects, the styling and organisation of the family and group photography sessions and the location shoots with the bridal party.

When you have two photographers, nothing is missed! Also, the same scene can be viewed from various angles, with one photographer responsible for the up-close details of the day and the other using a wide angle perspective, which encapsulates the entire scene. This type of variety gives a "story-book effect" to the album and is a great way of sharing the moments with those who are unable to attend your big day.

Second photographers are essential if you require photography of all pre-ceremony preparations, given the bride and groom are usually at separate locations.


  • Selecting the right Photographer for you

You will both be spending one of the most memorable days of your lives with your wedding photographer, so you need to feel comfortable. Kurt Nigg and his photographers will blend in and be as unobtrusive as possible. We shoot in small bursts throughout the day, giving you a break, so it’s not too much like a paparazzi invasion!

All photographers will have their own unique style. Photos that one photographer may create, will vastly differ from another. I strongly encourage you to compare the work of other professionals, to ensure you find the right creative team for your special day.


  • Post Production of Images

Each file is individually reviewed in Lightroom/Photoshop for clarity and vibrancy to ensure a professional, high-quality end result. If required, enhancements can be made to particular photos, to accentuate the mood and emotion in the image.


  • From Standard to Deluxe Photoshop & Lightroom

- Topaz

- Colour balance

- Vibrancy

- Contrast

- Minor adjustment

- Removal of objects

- Black and White

- Sepia

- Creative Post Production Packages

- Special effects

- Enhancement

- Artistic effects

- Colour Wash

- Skin corrections

- Body corrections

- Formatting images

- Images are formatted in both high and low resolution   for your personal use

- Printable

- Large files which suitable for all printing purposes

- Albums

- Canvas art

- Framed photographic prints

- Digital Use

- Small files which are suitable for computer use and     quick reference.

- Websites

- Blogs, Email

- Facebook


  • Bookings

- A $250 deposit must accompany all bookings.

- This deposit secures your booking date, is non-         refundable and then deducted from the total price of   your wedding package.

  Payment Options:

  • Direct Deposit

  • Cheque /Money Order

  • Pay Pal

  • Cash

dunsborough wedding ceremony
Cause all of me
Loves all of you...
Bride portrait photography by Kurt Nigg
Love your curves and all your edges...
Fine Art Wedding Portraits done by the Swiss Photographer Kurt Nigg from Perth
All your perfect imperfections...
Kurt Nigg Photography
Give your all to me...
Captured by the creative Swiss portrait photographer Kurt Nigg with Studio in Perth
You’re my end and my beginning...
resort wedding packages
Even when I lose I’m winning!
Premier Portrait Photographer Kurt Nigg capturing a Wedding Portrait in the driveway of Wise Winery in Dunsborough
I love you and I don’t want to lose you. Because my life has been better since the day I found out.
caves house wedding packages
I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you!
Capturing the very special wedding portrait that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

Capturing the very special wedding portrait that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then!
Premier Portrait Photographer Kurt Nigg loves creating timeless black and white art.